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CNBC just got insanely sexy

Jonny Dub just called me to turn on CNBC where Jose Canseco and John Rocker are talking about steroids. Here's a photo of what's going on right now:

As Jon says:

I don't know where to even start. I like John Rocker sporting Green's hairdu [sic]. And what is this shirt he is wearing? And why is Conseco always on this show?
I'm just wondering how many snakes were killed to make sure that these guys didn't show up naked. That ridiculous jacket and that insanely tight snake skinned shirt on Rocker. And look at all the hair product. Twice already, I could've sworn that Rocker was about to reach over and eat Donny Deutch's head.

Get out of the studio, Donny! It's not safe! Those are dangerous people.

Also, why do I suddenly have Creed songs in my head?