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I should start honing my heckles for Monday night...

Deadspin has their four tiny tidbits about the Padres today. No mention of Giles. Perhaps it's been done.

They also are interested in hearing from Padres fans after the game on Monday. They want to know what kind of reception Bonds gets.

To be honest, I had forgotten about the fact that Bonds would be a highlight. I'm kinda curious about his reception myself as San Diego gets a share of travelling fans and transplants.

Giants fans really enjoy telling fans of other teams that they're just rooting for their guy the same way any other fans would and that they're not crazy in the head.

Here's the line, "If Barry Bonds was on your team, you'd support him to."

And my response... Actually, I wouldn't.

Their response: "That's easy for you to say, but unless you're in the same position, you'd never really know!"

And my response to that... As a person who respects the game and our fine country, I'd never actively support somebody who would break the law to garner an advantage on honest, hard-working players. As a person who loves his wife and his mother, I'd have a lot of trouble with a guy who's allegedly unfaithful in his marriage and chokes out women. As a person who likes video games, I don't like anybody who would have me pay more just to play a video game that uses his name and likeness when everybody else in his profession is willing to do the same.

I mean, that's just how I feel.