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Leitner puts full focus on Padres:  

"I'll miss the money, but I think it's important to concentrate on the baseball season and give the Padres 100 percent."

Recovered Peavy just jake in WBC tuneup

All it took was hearing a little ditty from Francis Scott Key to give Peavy chills and inspired visions of the red, white and blue.

The Padres only want Peavy throwing about 40 pitches in the WBC.

Privately, the Padres want Martinez to give Peavy the hook before he gets close to 65.

"I'd like it to be about 40 pitches in the three innings," said Martinez

Padres notes:

Bochy said second baseman Josh Barfield, who is competing with Mark Bellhorn for a starting job, showed above-average range when he went to his left and then fed the ball to Estes in the third inning.

Ryan Klesko, re-acclimating to first base after playing mostly left field the last two years, got a first-inning hello from Matt Lawton, who hooked a double into the right-field corner.

Yesterday on 1090 I heard Darren Smith say that Klesko's defense looked horrible and he had heard that Klesko's surfing buddies had said that he was planning on retiring after this season.  He doesn't know if the rumor is true since it was a friend of a friend of a friend.

At 6 feet 5 inches and 322 pounds, the Padres' Walter Young is big and powerful, but will he be ...

Reputed to be the largest man ever to play in the major leagues, the Padres' massive first baseman remains unconvinced.

I'm glad we finally have a clinical giant on the Padres.