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Bonds is ready for Opening Day in San Diego

ESPN:  Bonds says he's ready for Opening Day in San Diego

ESPN:  Bonds: 'My life is in shambles. It is crazy'

Bonds starts the season next Monday at San Diego with 708 homers, close to Ruth and 48 from breaking Hank Aaron's mark of 755.

I just hope that Bonds doesn't hit all 6 homers in San Diego.  The Padres can never seem to decide if they are going to pitch to him or not.  I would let Peavy pitch to him, everybody else can pitch around him.  

Then, clearly joking, he went for shock value:

"Go to the Empire State Building and jump off, commit suicide and people can say, 'Barry Bonds is finally dead.' Except for in San Francisco," he said. "I'll leave something for them."

Whenever Bonds jokes, it's really unfunny and doesn't make much sense.  Good one Barry.

He spent the morning slurping a smoothie while sitting in his corner locker and wrestling with his personal videographer in the clubhouse. He stopped by the card table to socialize with teammates, too.

Playing a little "grab ass" with your personal videographer and chugging down "smoothies".  Now this is funny.