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Bizzaro trading block: Loretta for Mirabelli for Wells

I'd like to get some confirmation for this paticular Wells rumor:

San Diego has interest, but it doesn't have the position-player depth. The Red Sox would like to reacquire catcher Doug Mirabelli from the Padres, though. San Diego acquired Mirabelli for second baseman Mark Loretta during that off-season stretch when Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein was checking out the real world before deciding to return to baseball.
That's my emphasis.

So, you're telling me that the Red Sox made a mistake by tradig Mirabelli for Loretta? I thought the Padres made the mistake by letting Loretta go. Theo thinks that it was Boston's mistake? How's that?

I'm trying to figure out if we have the upper hand in dealing now, or if Boston does. I can't tell which court the ball's in anymore. Do we have the upper hand again?