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What kind of music do baseball fans listen to?

Apparently, baseball is really cool with the indie kids. I don't just mean like the kids who watch the O.C. and read Pitchfork religiously.

I mean, like, kids who listen to, like, Guided By Voices cover bands, and stuff like that. Those kids.

Case in point. I was e-mailed recently by a guy who's in a Guided By Voices cover band who pointed out to me that the soundtrack for MLB 2k6 (the videogame) will be featuring a ton of indie rock including Guided By Voices.

What? Weird.

Included along with GBV will be Preston School of Industry, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Interpol, Bear vs Shark, and Belle & Sebastian among others. What? Hey, where am I? How's that again? We're talking about the same sport that will play the chicken dance and YMCA at every single game, right? Craziness.

More close to home, the indie league Surf Dawgs are planning a promotion featured in this weeks San Diego City Beat.

Finally, if you're tattooed and can name important b-sides, low-level pro baseball wants you. The San Diego Surf Dawgs have aimed their new promotion at local musicians, who they hope will serve as club-level sales reps for the team. The Dawgs are letting bands use tickets to the team's home games as fundraisers. For every $8 ticket sold, the band keeps three bucks (a 37.5 percent commission rate ain't too shabby, actually).
How cool is that? The bands that sell the most tickets will have opportunities to play shows at Surf Dawgs games. Man, I'm all about that. I'm gonna get my jam rock/Mogwai cover band together and we're gonna rizzawk the hizzy.

I'm also thinking Troy Johnson would become visibly aroused at this news as well. Baseball? Indy music? Local bands?

It would be much too much for our Outta Left Fielder and Fox Roxer.