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Jake Peavy is crazy in the head

In Gammons' blog today, we learn that Peavy really can not be trusted to tell you the truth about how he's feeling.

Jake Peavy is amazing. He admits his eyesight isn't the best, so to get through the eye tests each spring he'd memorize the chart. Well, the Padres found out about it and changed the chart, so Peavy didn't pass the test this year. Upon further study, they found out he had a detached retina in his left eye.
Jake's arm could literally fall off and he'd want to go out and pitch.

"Hey, so Jake. How you feelin' there kid?"

"Oh I'm feelin' good, boss. Top drawer. Real good."

"Yeah, your arm just fell off."

"Flesh wound, chief. Flesh wound. Feelin' good."

"I don't know, son. Maybe we ought to get somebody to look at your detached arm."

"I mean, you're the skip and all, but seriously, I'm good."

Anyways, glad that got taken care of. I wonder how long that retina's been detached? Jake Peavy with both eyeballs? Batters are done.