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Bathroom Situation at Petco

My biggest problem with Petco is the bathrooms.  During the season there are never paper towels.  You have to pump the soap machine like 5 times before you get the tiniest drop of that pink soap.  The lines are always long.  I think it's pretty obvious that they didn't build big enough bathrooms in the stadium.  You never used to have to wait in line at Qualcomm.  Now men are subjected to waiting.  Women have always had to wait since the beginnig of time. As a dude, I can't be waiting.

Shouldn't the bathrooms be state of the art at least?  This park is real new.  They should have auto-flush, auto-faucet and that foam soap right?  Also they should have a choice of hand dryer and paper towels, preferrably without the handle.  They should have the type where you just pull on the towel itself.  Also there is no need for doors in the bathroom, they just get in the way when there are lines and crowds.  Just a wall to block the view from outside.  Keep the door stalls, those are good.  

With the crowds the way they are the bathrooms get dirty real fast too, so we need people keeping it clean.  I'll tell you I'm glad they didn't go with the urinal trough.  How about some soothing music in there too?  Like how about a somber version of "Take me out the ball game"?  That would really help.  

I should have been in charge of this.