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World Baseball Classic Finals Photos

Entering Petco park through the Park in the Park. Never done this before. As we were walking in one of Dex's classmates punches Dex in the arm. They are glad to see each other and start slapping each other on the back and punching each other in the arm some more. Jon and I are pretty sure Dex has joined a frat.

There are communists in the Padres Bullpen! The pregame started and they shot confetti everywhere after the 3 national anthems.

We went to Bread on Market and got their ballpark deal for $11.31 where you get a water, delicious sandwich, chips and cookie in a box that you can bring into the ballpark. The first half inning went on for like 40 minutes and I was trying to determine which would end first, Dex's dinner or the inning. The inning ended first, Dex is a real slow eater who likes to pace himself.

These are Cuban Party Girls. There was a whole bunch of them wearing olive green and those Cuban Fidel type hats. It seemed like 80% of the fans in Petco were Cuban. Kinda surprised me that free people would cheer so much for Cuba. I also found out that Cuban fans are the Yankee fans of the WBC. I think I'll root for Japan. The chants of "Coo-bah! Coo-bah! went on and on. It reminded me that I like Padres fans and I can do without most other fans in baseball.

Petco was not smoke free last night. They didn't seem to be enforcing any kind of smoke control. This Japanese guy who admitted he "liked Fidel" decided to smoke in the aisle.

Randy Jones was cooking a full pig. The "Bay of Pigs" special? I dunno. I hope they do this the rest of the season I'm gonna eat that pig!

Japan won after a looong game and Lasorda came out to congratulate them. Exciting ending. My favorite part was Aki Otsuka coming in for the save in the 8th to the tune of "Hells Bells". I heard this morning on the radio that Trevor had given him permission. It was awesome and everybody was like "OH SNAP! NO THEY DIDN'T!" Some people thought it was blasphemous but I thought it was cool. I'll miss Aki, but I won't miss how bad he sucked last year.

Jon, Dex and I wandered after the 3rd inning and never went back to our seats. This game reminded me that I need to get in shape for baseball season. I was so tired and I have a hard time sitting in a seat for 4 hours. I don't know how Dex did the double header on Saturday.