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See you in 2009!

Here are some links to get your day started. I got myself a cold. This will be my third (fourth?) since I started school in January. Dang these sick kids. Dang them to heck.


  • We're looking for t-shirt ideas - Are you good at coming up with clever little phrases that would look good on t-shirts? Maybe you should come up with one for us.

  • Stark gets misty eyed over Japan winning the WBC - Great game last night. Did you all notice how Cuba came out and shook hands with the Japanese team after the game? What was up with that? I ain't never seen a Major League team do that. No wonder Cuba's 30 years behind us. That was weird.

  • Matsuzaka was named tourney MVP - Another thing about Cuba. Did you see the way they would throw the ball around the horn after a strikeout? They would go catcher to third base to second base to short stop to third base to first base back to catch and then over to the third baseman again. It was like a between innings hat shuffle trying to figure out where the ball was headed next.

  • Padres move David Ross - And acquire RHP prospect Bobby Basham from the Reds. John Sickels says, "A hot prospect a couple of years ago, Bobby Basham missed all of 2004 following shoulder surgery." Goes on to say that his fastball kinda disappeared and hasn't made a return yet. Will probably be at Portland to start the season. (Actual Padres news? Say it ain't so.)

  • Q&A with Sandy Alderson (from Voice of San Diego) - Wherein Sandy Alderson, from on high, speaks of steroids, the WBC and what exactly the Padres were thinking when they moved Loretta and Nady.
More as the day goes on. Ain't no cold gonna stop Gaslamp Ball.