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San Diego Padres Blogs

Spring Training games are starting. Padres fans are dusting off their gear and firing up the internets in search of Padres information. We'd hope that you'd come to Gaslamp Ball first, but there are other options. Though many of them kinda sorta took the winter off, I'm assuming that they'll be returning soon.

Here then, are the Padres Blogs of 2006!

  • Gaslamp Ball - A San Diego Padres Blog, only more so. Written by me and jbox and sometimes Kev and a lot of times by an active and loyal group of Padres fans that we consider the Gaslamp Ballers. The Diaries in the right sidebar are kinda like blogs within blogs. Check them out for good Gaslamp Baller info. You don't necessarily have to come here first, but it might make for a sexier day if you do. As you may or may not know, we're a member of the Sports Blogs Nation of blogs which includes such mainstays as A's Nation and John Sickels' Minor League Ball.

  • Ducksnorts - The first baseball blog on the internet (I think). Geoff does all kinds of great research and writes good. Put him on your list for Padres info. I'll let you in on a little secret. I like to check Ducksnorts before I write stuff just to see if there's something big I might have somehow missed. A weird part of me has a tough time complimenting Ducksnorts too much because I want people to like us too and not be like, "Well Dex seems to really like Ducksnorts. That's where I'm headed!" But, I mean, Ducksnorts is very good. And the more better Padres blogs, the better. I dunno what's wrong with me. Part of the All Baseball/MVN group of blogs.

  • Beyond the Box Score - A sabermetrics oriented blog. Marc Normandin, the lead writer, is local (I think). Though it's more of a general baseball blog, it's still a good read for Padres fan. Padres fan Richard B. Wade is also a writer on BtBS.

  • Friar Faithful - Written by the aforementioned Richard B. Wade and the clinically insane Lance Richardson. Richard loves to play devil's advocate. If you're looking for a debate about the Padres, I'm telling you, poke Richard a little bit. Lance is good too, though possibly clinically insane.

  • San Diego Spotlight - The other blog at MVN. Peter Friberg and Rich Campbell write this very informative sucker. Peter is extremely up to date with the latest on the Padres farm system and the both do a good job with analysis and summaries.

  • metalsupply - I wanted to describe Metal Supply as "wacky", but then I thought that sounded like an insult considering I think it's more like "very funny". However, for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to call another Padres blog "very funny", when I like to consider Gaslamp Ball the "funny" Padres blog. Seriously, WTF is wrong with me? Am I that self conscious? Or am I just being a dick? Anyways, now I'm not even sure I'm gonna submit this post. Metal Supply's kinda OK.
Also, with no commentary, here's a list of other Padres related fan sites and blogs that are out there: Padres Nation, Josh's Baseball Blog, Padre Talk, Bay Bear Beat...

Am I missing any?