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Pad Squad and Friar at Mardi Gras

Marc Balanky,

I haven't been to Mardi Gras since they started making you pay to get in. But back in the day Jonny Dub, Dex and I went. From what I've heard it was a bit crazier back then.

There was this girl who was on top of her boyfriend's shoulders and she would flash for beads as is the tradition. A mob of dudes just packed in around the girl once the guys saw what was going on. We were near by and got packed in. This little asian dude reaches up and grabs her "up there". She instantly goes crazy and starts swinging her fists blindly. We see this little dude slip away in the confusion right by Dex, Jonny and I. The girl jumps off her boyfriends shoulders and starts chasing him. The thing is she never got a real good look at him so when she chases she kinda looks at me like "Where'd that little punk go?" I point at Dex, signalling "this is the guy" as a joke. She sets her sights on Dex and for a second I thought he was a dead man. Then she sees grabby hands dude scampering away behind us and goes after him. Dex's life was saved.