My WBC Experience

It was the Superbowl.  No, it was game 7 of the World Series.  NO, IT WAS KOREA VS. JAPAN!  This was more than a baseball game. This was Pacific Rim bragging rights on the line.  This was the craziest baseball game I've ever been to...and I've seen some good ones.  Nevermind the game (which was pretty good).  The real excitement was in the stands.  Korea and Japan  have some of the best fans in Baseball.  It was great....

First you have the fanatical Japanese girl in front of us with her flag dancing for most of the game. The best part of her was her cap; an Angles cap with JPAN around the A.

Then you had the large group of Korean fans to our left lead by this wild dude who paints his face. He was supported by a bunch of guys with drums, and the 15000 fans who brought their pots and pans. This got me thinking we should start doing this at Padre games. We could have an official gaslampball drum we carry around with us or something.

Then you got the Japanese Party Girls who made themselves evident on the streets outside as well. Inside they kept cheering "Ichiro, Ichiro"......girls after my own heart.

[editor's note, by Dex] Those actually look like Korean Party Girls to me, dude.

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