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All about the WBC

I'm getting really excited about the WBC games tomorrow. I'll be attending both games. First game I'll be out there with Jess and her dad. Then that night I'll be out with Gaslamp Ballers Jonny Dub and sbeck. I'm trying to decide if I just want to hang out downtown between games. I'm thinking I may bring the laptop and find a place to post a blog entry.

Some links if you're around:

Where's everybody hanging out tomorrow? There was something about the Field, I guess? Are there any other hot spots? Somebody tell me where the cool people are hanging out.

Update [2006-3-18 10:42:32 by Dex]: I dunno, dudes. Looks like rain. You know what this is telling you? The baseball gods hates scalpers.

According to the article, they're going to shoot for finishing both games today. The games would be rescheduled for tomorrow if necessary. Monday night should be clear, but there's rain expected for Tuesday.