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Gaslamp Ball T-Shirt Contest

I know we've talked about it before, but now we've seriously got the ball rolling on Gaslamp Ball t-shirts. We have some ideas from slogans and what not, but we want the Gaslamp Ballers to be happy, so we're turning it into a contest.

Here's the rules, come up with an awesome Gaslamp Ball t-shirt slogan. Nominate your slogan in the comments in this post. Anonymous Heros are welcome, but you need to be registered if you want to win any prizes (yes, you too AnonKGFan). Once it's in the comments here, other registered users can second the nomination to be voted upon. After a given time, let's say a week, we'll gather together all of the nominated slogans and have a vote off. If your t-shirt idea gets voted as the best, you win a free t-shirt. If you're local or can make it out to San Diego, jbox and I will take you to a game as well.

Some small print rules, you can't mention any players names or the name of the Padres anywhere. If you want to use a graphic, e-mail it to me at dex at and I'll put it someplace where people can check it out. No profanity please. We're looking at t-shirts for Gaslamp Ballers who, for the most part, are Padres fans, so nothing insulting to our beloved club. Jbox and I will be throwing our own ideas in there and if one of them wins then we'll do a random drawing for the prize we would've given out. To be eligible for the random drawing, you have to be registered and have entered a t-shirt idea that got nominated and seconded.

OK. Any questions? Ask them here. Otherwise, have at it!

Update [2006-3-18 11:8:14 by Dex]: OK. I got some clarification, but not really. Player names are kinda OK. We can't just say, "PIAZZA RULES". But we could say "You can't spell pizza without Piazza" (That was the t-shirt guy's idea, not mine. He knows it's lame too).

Basically, if you have a good one that mentions a player name, then it might be OK. We'll have to see.