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The WBC's so great

Here are today's reason why I love the WBC.

  • Ichiro getting booed by the Korean Fans

  • Chan Ho Park: Sometime lights out closer. Other times lights out starter.

  • The green Team Mexico hats. Sick.

  • Sadaharu Oh. That guy's so cool.
As a bonus, here's a great article postulating a football-like schedule for baseball. It is really interesting to think about. What if baseball was always like this? Where you get hosed one game and you suddenly realize, "oh, you mean we don't still have 93 games left in the season?"

Could you imagine the differences if baseball only played, say 18 games in a season? I'd probably say the roster sizes would have to be set at right around 15 players. No disabled list. Really, what's the use of having any more than that? Those would be fun games to watch. Take away the leisurely pace and see what happens.