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Gaslamp Ball Interview Series: Will Carroll

Be sure to check out the Baseball Prospectus Padres Team Health Report to have some sort of idea of what this post is about. Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus was kind enough to answer a few quick follow up questions.

Gaslamp Ball: How much of Chris Young's tiring down the stretch last year could be attributed to youth?

Will Carroll: Some, but you don't like to see it as severe as happened to him. He had a big jump and he didn't take well to Hershiser's tinkering. At least he wasn't hurt -- that we know of. The biggest question is how he recovers and if he's hit some sort of workload "ceiling."

GB: Anything in spring training make you want to change the colors on any players. Or even anything you might have seen in the WBC? *wink-wink*

WC: Ha! I always do an addendum at the end; things change. I liked how Peavy pitched, but given the shoulder problem he had is similar to Colon and Sheets -- well, 1 out of 3 having a problem is about what I expected.

GB: Khalil gets a green? Dude busts more digits than a scientific calculator.

WC: This is true and maybe that's something I'll adjust for, but broken fingers, hands, and wrists tend to be non-recurrent events. (Wrists can go chronic, but we see that.) I can't think of anyone who has a real proclivity for this, so it doesn't exist in system.

GB: Did you take into account prolonged exposure to tanning booths when working with Giles profile? Tanned skin is usually tighter and less flexible.

WC: Crap -- do I need to add a tanning regimen to my new workout? Giles is the closest to me in height and age, so I'm trying to recreate my body with him as the goal. Your question is interesting in that flexibility is something often overlooked. Ryan Klesko gives a lot of credit to surfing and Pilates while Dave Roberts worked with a stretching coach this offseason. A couple years ago, I got the chance to ask Rickey Henderson why he stayed so healthy. "Stretching," he said without hesitation. "I'm flexible and take it seriously."

All in all, some decent explanations. I'm gonna give Will the benefit of the doubt for that last one considering the fact that I don't think Rickey Henderson would ever say anything like that. It would be more like, "Stretching. Rickey be flexible and Rickey take it seriously." But haces la vida...

Thanks to Will Carroll for his time! Be sure to check out his workout blog as he attempts to transform himself into Brian Giles' twin. Then the question can finally be answered, "Can the Earth handle the sexiness of
two Brian Gileses?"