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Chicken Caesar Burrito Thing

I'm watching Korea and the United States battle it out in the Spring Classic. Griffey Junior just crushed a home run. He be lookin' good.

They keep showing these horrible Taco Bell commercials with people peeking under the tortilla "toga" to check and see what kind of burrito they're eating. Are toga parties en vogue again? I don't quite understand it.

However, it leads me to my most recent trip to Taco Bell. Me, jbox and Jess (wifey) went to get some Taco Bell before watching the Kite Flying Society on Friday. I don't remember the last time I'd ever had Taco Bell, but for some reason, it sounded kinda good. It had seriously been years and years.

We pull up to the speakerbox and this voice comes on, and in a really screechy voice, goes, "HEY HOW YOU DOIN'!?"

We're all kinda startled by the voice and don't say anything for half a second until I say, from the passenger seat, "GOOD HOW YOU DOIN' MANG!?" In the same loud screechy voice.

Don't ask me why I responded like that, but I think it startled Jess and jbox even more than the initial greeting. I got really embarrassed and for a second wanted Jess to just drive on through and go over to In-N-Out. The girl on the speakerbox asked us for our order in a really normal voice afterwards. I think she thought we were making fun of her, but honestly, it was just some sort of weird, crazy reaction.

Meanwhile, jbox doesn't help, and from the back seat starts yelling, "Oh, mang... We're so high! We're so high, mang!" And laughing in this really weird jbox cackle.

Anyways, we ended up getting our food and I don't think she spit in it or anything. I'm actually more worried that the crazy voiced Dex will resurface again.

I'd hate to sound like that in class.

Hopefully, I'm OK. Also, Dontrelle really doesn't look good in March. What's up with that.