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Open Thread: 3/13, Pad Squad vs. Brew Crew

Seth Etherton and Dewon Brazelton are slated to pitch today.

Listen Online

12:05pm PST start.  

Before the game starts I saw this linked on

Trent from Catallarchy is going to prove that putting on 15 lbs of lean muscle in 3 months
can be done without the help of steroids.  He's not trying to defend Bonds, just showing that the authors are jumping to conclusions.  Right now he's 5'8" and 115 lbs.  By June, he'll be 130 lbs and ripped!  My favorite part of his post is his update:

Update: Man, why didn't I think of this when people said there's no way Wilt Chamberlain could have slept with 20,000 women?

Update [2006-3-13 13:40:50 by jbox]:
If you want Gaslamp to do some Mythbusting, let me know. I'm sure Dex is fine with me volunteering him to do it. I wonder if Dex could eat 50 eggs?