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Ode to the WBC and what I did this weekend

I'm really liking this WBC. I'm really excited about going to the games at Petco next weekend. The U.S. fans may not care, but really this thing's all about the non-U.S. teams demonstrating that their country is truly baseball country.

Right now, I'm watching me some Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico. This should be some kinda good.

In other news, we went to see the Kite Flying Society show at the Whistle Stop featuring Gaslamp Baller David. Hung out with Gaslamp Baller Ilana and listened to some good tunes. Then on Saturday (after playing disc golf in the hail at Morley), we had dinner at The Linkery which is Gaslamp Baller Jay's restaurant down in South Park. Jay knows a ton about local food and we're looking forward to picking his brain It was a veritable Gaslamp Ball weekend.

Finally, Bay Bear Beat is at a new site. This is Gaslamp Baller padresfan311's site about the Padres AA affiliate and should be a good source of info throughout the season.