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Filed under:'s Best Records just got a little less white

A couple weeks ago, I got a little irritated about the fact that African-Americans were apparently being driven away from baseball. One of the things that irritated me was this idea of presents the Best Records. Up to that point, the Best Records had been Scott Stapp and Train. Before that, there was a little something with Jimmy Buffet. Obviously, their target demographic was 8-16 year old white girls and their mothers.

So the whole thing was a little bit cheesy to begin with (even though I did kinda like that Drops of Jupiter song). I was a little embarrassed for the Padres when they went through their phase of absolutely loving anything by Creed, and here was Major League Baseball just jumping all over that.

Well, things are changing now. The newest presents the Best Records record is...

...wait for it...


Oh. Dang.

I know LL might not get the respeck he once did, but I'll never forget when I bought Bigger and Deffer on tape. At 10 years old, my impressionable mind soaked in the entire thing. I haven't listened to most of the songs in years, but I still know the lyrics.

Your mic sounds WEAK! Remember that skeezer
I'm badder than Napolean, Hitler, or Caesar!
I'm a HIT MAN. But I'm not for hire.
Fly girls desire. The man you admire.

I think for entrance music, I'd use LL's Go Cut Creator, Go.

I'm not sure what the tracks sound like on this album, but it got me psyched. Hopefully, this means we're about two steps away from players getting custom songs done for their entrance music. It's gotta happen.

"Major League Baseball, baby! The REAL ballaz!"