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Throwback Uni Day and other Promotional Ideas

Next time the Padres wear their throwback Jerseys they should take it a step further.  They should price all the tickets to whatever the seat would have cost in that throwback year.  Also turn off all the music, TV's and other futuristic entertainment in between innings.  Just for one game have nothing but organ music.  I bet it would be really eerie.  Fans wouldn't know when to start clapping.  They'd be at a total loss.  Maybe in a few years, or before they tear down Qualcomm, they should have a throwback game in Qualcomm, just for old times sake.

One day they'll have a throwback to a late 90's game and maybe just once more we can have a Super Five Buck Monday with Dollar Dogs.  Oh how I love thee, Super Five Buck Mondee!

Update [2006-3-10 14:7:44 by jbox]:

Okay I'm going to give the Padres people some more gold nuggets. Remember when they gave you a free Padres ticket if you shaved your head, as a Wally Joyner Promotion?

One day at Petco they should have Tanning Booths and Hair Dye. You get yourself a Tan (or spray on tan) and your hair frosted for Brian Giles Day. You get the Tan and your hair bleached you get a free ticket into the game.