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My Favorite Ballpark Meal

Back in the day, when we were young and the Padres played at Qualcomm.  There used to be this Sausage place on the south side of the stadium, on the ground level between the seats and the trolley.  They'd grill up Italian sausages with a ton of sauteeed onions.  The sausages were so spicy you'd be breathing fire and you'd have ferocious dragon breath. Only the bravest of the Pad Squad would dare approach you. You make it a combo with fresh made lemonade all for six bucks.  It was a great deal.  Now if you were feeling a bit sassy, you walk to the complete opposite side of the stadium to get yourself some Rally's fries and it's a done deal... you've got the best baseball has to offer.  Game over, you've won.

I was so disappointed in the final season when they did away with that Sausage Cart.  They can take away the cart but they can't take away the memories.