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Beard News

All photos courtesy of TFast

I told you all before about Mark Grant's Goatee, now we have pictures. The second picture makes me want to run. TFast he sees YOU! RUN!

In other beard news, it looks like Bochy is growing in a Van Dyke, instead of the usual moustache. ESPN had a little segment on Mike Piazza playing for the Padres. They interviewed Bochy and the Van Dyke was coming in nice and gray. This is why I'm glad we acquired Piazza. Everytime he hits a home run, buys a new outfit or gets a hair cut it will be on ESPN. He said in the segment that he took advice from Charles Barkley. Barkley said "The game has a way of telling you when you are done". Piazza hasn't gotten any messages from the game yet, so he remains a Padre.