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So I was just reading this Padres Mailbag and the last question is about Klesko:

How quick of a trigger do you think the Padres will have with Ryan Klesko? Considering the talent they have stockpiled at first, it seems they would have little patience if he stumbles out of the gate again.
-- Ray V., San Diego
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Bochy will be patient with him. He likes and respects Klesko and wants him to be a big contributor. He won't explicitly put any pressure on him, but it will be apparent, with Adrian Gonzalez, Paul McAnulty and Walter Young pushing him, that he needs to deliver.

What hurts about this answer is it is so true.  Bochy is going to be so unbelievably patient with Klesko.  I'd use him off the bench if I need a big strikeout in a key situation and let him know that he's got to earn his starting position back.  It'll be interesting to see what he brings to spring training, other than a nice new pair of boots.

If he isn't a starter does that mean he'll sit in the clubhouse and sign surfboards for his trophy room instead of practicing? Or is that only something he does in the playoffs?

Update [2006-2-7 14:24:4 by jbox]:
Another article on Klesko and the prospect of him playing first base.

Defense, however, is a concern for the Padres, who are sending former Gold Glove first baseman Wally Joyner to spring training to work with Klesko.

?He's going to have to improve on the bag,? said Towers, a fact that Bochy seconded. ?We know we need some improvement there,? said the manager.

Klesko refused to take tips from Joyner in the past:

It also was Towers who publicly questioned Ryan Klesko's devotion to baseball three years ago, wondering why Klesko wasn't being required to take fielding pointers from camp instructor Wally Joyner (he's still waiting).