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I was just thinking...

if there was a better way to deploy those 8 defensive players.  They've been in those same old positions for so long.  Can't it be improved on?  What if one player was sort of a rover?  I talked about using the infielders to block any hits in the in a previous post.  I still think it might just be crazy enough to work.  Of course we've all heard of the Ted Williams shift, where they would play him to pull the ball every time.  

There must be a way to improve the defense.  Okay, how about this... What if the first baseman played between 1st and 2nd all the time and the pitcher covered first on every play.  That's good right?  

Is there a rule that says you have to have a catcher?  If there is no one on base, what if the catcher is deployed to the outfield and the pitcher just throws the ball into the umpire's nuts every pitch?  Imagine the Umpire getting tagged in the shins and the jock over and over again.  Everybody would love it except the umpire.  The batboy might not like it either, he'd be shagging every ball.

How about using the second baseman as a shallow outfielder and having the first baseman pick up the slack by playing far off the bag.  

Anyway, I'm just throwing ideas out there.  Anybody else ever thought of this?  Have any ideas?  Make a comment below.  

Dex and Jonny Dub are in Vegas this weekend for the Super Bowl, so it's all jbox all the time.