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Giles loves his teammates... With very tender kisses on their necks

Apparently, Giles just really could not wait to get back into Spring Training. We haven't even started games yet, and he's back to where he was at the end of last season, making out with his teammates.

Find the full video at Just look for Mirabelli and photo day. After the Mirabelli interview, they do some candid photo day clips and you can see Giles run right behind his teammate, and tenderly kiss him on the back of his neck.

Also in the video, Giles vogues a little bit for Khalil. Khalil ain't smiling for nobody, but somehow Giles strutting his stuff cracks the dude up.

Thanks to bktabinga for pointing this out.

Update [2006-2-28 22:29:34 by jbox]:

Thanks to Gaslampball Reader Emcee Emmerson for sharing this video with us. This is Nevin's tailgate at a Chargers game. Giles is back at it again... kissing Mark Sweeney very tenderly on the neck and grabbing his ass.

Brian Giles kissing Mark Sweeney on the neck (1.85 MB)

Below is the link to the original unedited video, the first half is extremly boring, but the second half has all the Padres stuff.:

Full Video of Nevin's Tailgate Party from Scott and BR(14.6 MB) (link fixed!)

Memorable moments:

1. Nevin talking crap about how he knew the Padres wouldn't have a game 5.

2. Fick flipping off the camera for 2 minutes

3. Burroughs singing "Gasolina"

4. Brian Giles kissing Sweeney on the neck and grabbing his ass.