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Great KT opportunity this weekend

You may have missed it in the Diaries, but Kevin Towers will be hosting a pre-game chat on Sunday, March 5. Bill Bavasi is icing. If you were thinking about getting up to Spring Training for a weekend, I highly encourage you to get in on this.

Any time Kevin Towers is planning on speaking candidly, it's sure to be great. KT is extremely frank when speaking to fans. He does not hesitate one bit to let you know exactly how he feels about any given subject and I'm sure if you were in attendance, you'd be able to get all kinds of info out of him. Plus, the event is free. All you have to do is get a ticket to the game and reserve your spot.

I would go myself, but March is a busy month for school. It'll pretty much be school non-stop starting Wednesday and leading right up to the final Spring Training games.

If any Gaslamp Ballers do go to the KT chat, then here are some questions that I'd like answered to satisfy my own curiosity:

  1. How did you know B-Law's shoulder was going to fall off?

  2. How long did you cackle in sheer delight after getting rid of Sean Burroughs?

  3. If the debate over resiging Trevor had come to blows, do you think you could have taken Alderson? I do. Alderson's old.

  4. Khalil Greene: Hot or Not?

  5. Has Mike Piazza tried snuggling with you yet? Word on the street is the dude likes to snuggle.
If you have questions, check the diary or post them here and we'll forward them along as necessary.