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Petco Park is Smoke Free

Last night they had one of those teasers on the news. "After the Olympics see the major change at Petco Park. Find out what you will never be able to do again!!!!"

I thought for sure they had outlawed "the wave" or made hot dogs illegal.

Turns out you can't smoke at Petco anymore. No more designated smoking areas.

"I think we're the first, but I don't know that for sure, so we're not making that claim," Alderson said.

I guess people were complaining about second hand smoke and others were putting out their cigarettes on the walls and throwing their butts on the ground.

Does this mean that all those smokers are going to switch to smokeless tobacco? Is Petco gonna have spittoons everywhere?

Which gets me thinking, how long before the MLB makes chew illegal for players. I gotta think it's gonna happen at some point. Who on the team still chews? Peavy always has a huge baseball size wad in his cheek. Trevor always has a bit under his bottom lip. He also has that little bit of spit that stays on his lip between pitches.