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Klesko optomistic... errr sorry "Pick Master" optomistic

Klesko optimistic in return to first

But his fascination with the inner game -- he can talk for hours about the fine art of hitting with remarkable insights -- indicates that he's still under its spell.

Sorry I'm not buying this at all.  The only time I see him talking hitting is after he hits a home run.  Then he's in the dug out telling anybody that will listen exactly how he crushed the ball.  They'll cut back to him 15 minutes later and he's still talking about his swing.  Biggest smile you ever saw.

"You know when I'm healthy I'm not going to hit .250," he said.

So what are you thinking?  .220?  How bad is it going to be?    

I've been swinging as hard as I can since I was 12 years old, so I'm going to hurt my back now and then.

Even Philly Billy on 1090 am was saying that it's time to put up or shut up.  Play through the pain. Billy defended Nevin til the very end.  When he's given up on you, you're done.  Maybe if you didn't swing as hard as you can every at bat you could put your bat on the ball.  Just a thought.

"My defense at first base is good. I've got range; I get to more balls than most guys get to. That's why they called me the `Pick Master.' Most of my errors are aggressive errors, going into the hole and trying to throw somebody out with a tough play."

Pick Master?  Are you sure there isn't an "r" in that first word?

Reunited: Klesko and Vinny Castilla came up together in the Braves organization...

"We rode buses together," Castilla said. "He said, `You teach me English, I'll teach you Spanish.' He learned more English than I did Spanish.

I just got this picture of Forrest Gump and Bubba sitting next to each other on the bus.  "I'm gonna lean up against you, you just lean right back against me."

There's also talk of Klesko being a pitcher in High School throwing 94 mph.