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What we talked about today in class

Today, at school, we talked about Title IX and women in sports. So far, this particular class has covered a range of topics. I'm talking topics you wouldn't normally think a graduate level class would cover. The commentary is rather insightful. Here are things I've learned so far.

  • By some accounts, a full 75% of girls softball players in college are lesbians

  • That 75% of lesbians girls softball players is actually due mostly to "College Curiosity".

  • Girls + College Curiosity = Crazy Sexy

  • Guys + College Curiosity = White Shirt Frat Guy

  • If you are foolish enough to gather a group of English guys in a small area, they will be extremely prone to drink a ton of beer and then tip over shit while breaking windows of small businesses. This is what causes hooliganism in European soccer.

  • Male haidressers are very likely to be gay.

  • Children who come from poor families are more likely to participate in sports where they can physically assault other kids. I can only assume that this is because their days are usually f__ked because they're poor and so they're looking to try to f__k up everybody else's day as well.

  • Skating is still the bomb, but snowboarding is for the wack folk.

  • The ultimate goal of Title IX is to find that magical sport that chicks can naturally smoke dudes at while at the same time draw television ratings and billionaire sponsors.

  • The LPGA is so successful with male viewers right now because they've somehow managed a near perfect mix of hot Asian teenagers, latent homosexuality and golf.
I may or may not have gotten my info right as once again I'm writing my entry at midnight. Still, I believe my notes to be accurate. Good night everybody. Baseball dreams for all.