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Dooptee doo....

Not a lot going on, eh?

Me? I'm watching I Love the 80s. It's so nostalgic. They were just talking about the My Buddy dolls from the 80s. I still remembered that tune. That's weird, right?

What Padres player would make for the best My Buddy doll? I would think that the obvious answer would be Brian Giles. The jokes about a biologically correct My Buddy Brian Giles doll would be too obvious so I can't endorse that selection. Though, now that I think about it, you could have actual teabags down there. But I digress.

I would actually like a My Buddy Matt Vasgersian doll. And I'd like for him to be wearing a t-shirt that read "Santa Maria!". That would be faaaaantastic.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that talking baby in the Quizno's commercials is the cutest little guy? I love his raspy voice and how confused he gets when it's implied that Santa may not exist. It's so effing adorable. I'd like for the Padres to somehow hire that talking baby to do guest play by play for the radio.

Finally, the other thing I was thinking about today is the fact that Oprah should totally be the next baseball commissioner, hands down. Look at the way she tore that dude a new one. Dude was like, "It's just a book! It's just a book!" Meanwhile, Oprah's like bringing a shit storm on that poor guy while all those middle aged women are hissing and booing. I can only imagine what she would've done to Rafael Palmeiro.

What do you think about that post Smooth Jazz Man? How's that for filling time?!