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UT Articles: Pedro Astacio and Piazza

Petey Astacio may be coming back

The Padres are looking into bringing back Pedro Astacio, the veteran pitcher who excelled for them down the stretch last year.

There is a catch: Because Astacio and the Padres failed to reach terms by a January deadline, Astacio couldn't join the Padres until May 1.

Piazza discusses his diet, WBC and Lasorda

"I don't know if we'll win any games, but we'll have the best pregame and postgame meals," cracked Piazza, a five-time visitor to Italy.
When Piazza told his godfather, Tommy Lasorda, that the Padres wanted him as their catcher, Lasorda encouraged him to choose catching over a designated hitter job in the American League.

Update [2006-2-19 0:26:39 by jbox]:

Spring Training Photos are up, courtesy of the UT.