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The other top 10 fantasy Padres list

I honestly didn't notice's top 10 fantasy Padres list when I wrote the one I wrote today. likes Dave Roberts and Scott Linebrink whereas I had Josh Barfield and Clay Hensley bringing up the rear of my list.

Here's why I'm pretty sure you should like my list better.

My list has greater returns. With Dave Roberts and Scott Linebrink, you know what you're gonna get. josh Barfield has tons more upside than Dave Roberts at this point. He'll have power numbers and speed numbers as long as he continues what he's been up to. Dave Roberts will have the speed numbers, yes, but the OBP is always a question.

Clay and Scotty are both middle relievers, but Clay will have more opportunities to start games while Scotty will probably have fewer opportunities to finish them. Unless your league scores for holds, Clay is the guy you want to have your eye on.