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Top 10 Padres for your fantasy baseball team

If you want to play fantasy baseball with some Gaslamp Ballers, then check out this diary by gophersw. Gophersw set up a head to head and I set up a crazy roto league. Fun for all!

It's that time of year again to start thinking about fantasy baseball. I'm actually going to be setting up another league sometime today for my Sports MBA class. I'm not sure how I got elected commissioner. Charm, I suppose.

Anyways, you've got your clever team name. You've picked out the outfits they're going to wear. But let's say you're a Padres fan and you want to represent by picking up some Padres.

Who should you pick?

Your decisions are about to get a little easier...

  1. Jake Peavy - You want wins? ERA? WHIP? Strikeouts? Jake's your man. Chris Carpenter? A poseur. Jason Schmidt? A little on the chunky side. Dontrelle Willis? Maybe if he straightened his cap, he'd be a viable ace, but for now, it's all Jake, all the time, and twice on Tuesdays.

  2. Brian Giles - Does your fantasy league score for on base percentage or walks? Then make sure you pick up Gilly. Are you scared of PETCO and the lack of homers? Then seriously, quit being such a damn baby. As a Padres fan, you might not have noticed it, but Brian Giles was by far our best player last season. And, he's half man half love machine. If your league scores for love machine statistics, then Giles is really your only choice.

  3. Mike Cameron - Can you say 30-30? Over the last decade or so, steals have really started to taper off, but most fantasy leagues still score for them. As a bit of genuine, honest to goodness, not joking around here, fantasy advice... Pick up Mike Cameron. You can probably get him in a later round, but let's face it. In fantasy, you're going to want to pick up guys who can threaten at multiple categories and Cameron, broken face and all, is one of the few guys who will combine power with speed for some actual fantasy production.

  4. Trevor Hoffman - Because saves are still important and he'll get all the opportunities. Just keep a close eye on your WHIP as Hoffman has a tendency to allow himself a runner or three before finishing his saves these days.

  5. Chris Young - Almost by default, Chris Young has become our number two. The good news is, he may actually be a qualified number two. Tall as all get out, so if your league scores for height, he should really be a first round draft pick. He was able to pick up 12 wins in the middle of Texas so PETCO should be quite a help. And finally, he'll be pitching in the National League which sucks butt and particularly against the National League West which smells like ass even after using fruity soaps.

  6. Khalil Greene - While the top five guys may actually be noticed in some leagues, these bottom five guys will be sleepers to just about anybody besides a Padres fan. If your league scores for charm and personality, then avoid Khalil. If you play in a Star Trek Baseball Roto Combined league like I did last year, then pick up Khalil Greene and watch your opponents beg for mercy and tremble in fury as Khalil decimates their forces. KHAAAN!!! I mean... KHAAALIL!!!

  7. Mike Piazza - The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. Teams in leagues that score snuggle points will do well to pick up Piazza, the most snugglable catcher in all the major leagues. Piazza's the kind of guy you want to keep a close eye on. He'll definitely get used in certain parks, and apparently has free reign to determine how much he plays. Maybe his bat has a little pop left. He's like a gun without a cartridge that may have a bullet in the chamber. Or maybe he's like an unbaked loaf of bread where you're not sure if you've added the baking soda and you're waiting to see if it will rise. Or something...

  8. Josh Barfield - Does anybody really believe that Mark Bellhorn will hold the second base job for any amount of time? If it all goes according to the master plan, it's very likely going to be Barfield and Khalil as your Padres' double-play tandem. If you have an extra roster spot, I'd take a gamble on JB.

  9. Clay Hensley - Fearless preseason prediction. Clay Hensley will be the number three starter by June. So it has been written... So it shall come to pass...

  10. Ryan Klesko - At number ten you may think I'm joking, but you may seriously want to take a chance with one of your last few picks. He'll be the starter for sure, but more importantly, can you say "final year of contract"? Look for Klesko to reach from deep within and shape up for 2006.
And that's it! You probably didn't think I could pull ten viable fantasy options out of that Padres team, but I did it. Granted, if you happen to be in an NL only league, this will be much more useful, but all in all, it's not as bad as it may seem in San Diego.