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Padres Season Tickets

I know this guy that cancelled his season tickets on the third base line.  He said he had 8 people call him trying to get him to renew his season tickets.  His reason for cancelling was that he didn't like the product that the Padres put on the field.  You know of the 8 people, only a few of them were Padres employees.  I thought it was weird too.  The others were Padres supporters / volunteers who called him.  "Look buddy, I don't work for the Padres, you can tell me the real reason you don't want to renew"

He told them that he was sick of watching them lose.  Volunteer guy was like "They won 82 games, a good team would only have won maybe 10 more games the whole season".  Dudes got a point, I guess.  Anyway they finally just said "Do want us to take you off of our phone list?"  He said "yes" and that was that.

I wouldn't want a volunteer calling me personally, if you are calling me then you had better work for the Padres.  I wonder if they are really hurting to sell season tickets right now.