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So that's a sport?

Did you watch the Winter Olympics last night? I don't understand that mogul event. It's time based, but you have to bust out a couple of tricks and they seem very focused on keeping their knees together. It's like the advice a mom might give a daughter before going out to prom.

"Be glamourous! Be home on time! And for God's sake, keep your knees together!"

Also, do they have mogul hills in parts of the country? Who likes to ride down a really bumpy hill?

Anyways... Links...

  • Jerry Crasnick makes an early Giants pick. You mean we should have picked up Jose Lima?

  • I'm thinking Curb Your Enthusiasm has jumped the shark once Tom Krasovic and Bill Center of the UT are using it for the titles of their articles. I mean seriously. Sportswriters are soooo unhip.

  • Brian Hiro of the NC Times gives us five players to watch. Number two is Ryno, who'll be working with Wally to hone his first baseman skills. I'm hoping they become bosom buddies. I'd love to see them hanging out at Coldstone, arguing about what candy bar to crush up into their ice cream.
Gotta get to class. Have fun!