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FriarFest: Celebrity Sightings

We saw Bochy (notice he's still 'stacheless) before he was interviewed over the PA. I was like "Hey Boch!" he turned and waved to us. Kev got giddy, "Did you see Bochy wave at me? I think I'm in love". He has a major crush on Bochy. Later we watched a little bit as Jerry Coleman was preparing to be interviewed. I got a picture of Mark Grant, but the picture cuts off his strange goatee, which is the whole point of the picture.

Let's see, who else did we see? We talked to Troy Johnson for awhile, it was pretty cool when he was like "Wait are you Dex?" Told us he read Gaslamp (probably a filthy lie). We said hello to a few of the Pad Squad. Pad Squad Catherine had no idea who we were. Waved to Argy, but wasn't sure if I should talk to her.

We skipped out on all the autograph signings so we barely saw any of the players.