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In the beginning...

One year ago today, I logged onto Blogger and said, "I'm gonna start me a Padres blog". At the time, the only other really active Padres blog was Ducksnorts now at MVN. I figured, people will have to read our blog purely on the basis of there only being one other blog out there. The only trouble was, for as many baseball books and games that I attend, I wasn't sure how well I could keep up with a daily blog that would keep people interested (keep in mind that the Padres have a tendency to suck).

Enter jbox.

I chatted with jbox. I told him, "We're doing a Padres blog." He said, "We don't know anything about the Padres." I said, "Look into your heart and the words will follow."

We posted four things that first day.

Shortly after, I asked Jonny Dub and Kev if they wanted to contribute. Kev jumped right on. Jonny Dub wasn't convinced. "Nobody's gonna read that," he said. His invite to become an admin for PFS76 goes unanswered to this day.

After a while, we'd become really happy when we'd get one comment. Even if it was just thenerdhater talking smack to us. It was kinda nice. Then we got a reader here, a reader there. Just different comments from people saying hello and nice job and what not. We were pretty sure we had built up to about 11 regular readers. We again extended the invitation to Jonny Dub to help contribute. He laughed at our 11 readers. He said, "I'm going to drink this glass of water, then eat some asparagus and if you're still around in 45 minutes asking me about this crazy blog thing, I'm going to urinate on your shoes."

That's a quote, my friends.

Then, the most amazing thing happened.

Jbox and I had noticed a new Padres blog called Gaslamp Ball that had appeared. The design of the site was nice and it had a really cool name. Unfortunately, after a couple days worth of content, it sorta disappeared. I thought to myself, "That Gaslamp Ball is a really good name. And I like that logo a lot." Not a day later, as if reading my mind from a bowl of tea leaves, Blez from Athletics Nation e-mailed me and asked us if we wanted to take over their recently abandoned Padres blog. Kevin from Padres Nation was going to be the original blogger on it, but didn't want to have to keep up with a daily blog.

Not wanting to appear too easy, we shook down for the details including why Geoff from Ducksnorts wasn't the first choice. Turns out he was.

As it turns out, we were probably the fourth or fifth choice, but that didn't matter. We wanted that cool logo! That sucker was gonna be ours! We contacted Geoff and asked his opinion on the matter. "Anything for more Padres exposure," he said. "Anything to spread the word." Geoff gave his blessing and we jumped on board.

Now here we are, a year and almost 200 registered Gaslamp Ballers later, and now Jonny Dub wants to write stuff. Those first 11 people weren't enough for Jonny Dub. He had to wait till we were averaging hundreds of visitors a day. Just like a Padres fan. Always on the bandwagon.