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FriarFest: Locker Room Tour Part 2

On the top left, that's a look at the club house. Very nice, leather seats, flat screen TV's, gentlemen's magazines, anti-bacterial gel, kleenex, and hair care products. This is also where Brian Giles wanders around naked.

On the top right is a look at Bochy's office that's where all the magic happens. On the wall on the right he has a jersey signed after his 500th win, that is out of the picture. This is where Nevin used to do all his whining.

In the bottom left picture you can see Klesko's surfboard. That right there is the reason why Klesko couldn't be bothered to practice during playoff time, because he was getting teammates to sign it. Later Klesko would strike out with men on base to end the season. Coincidence?

This last picture is a view from the warning track in centerfield. This is just another place, among many others, that Giles wanders around naked.