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Friar Fest: I will always remember...

Friar Fest was a lot of fun. Why don't they do this every year? Here are some of my memories.

I will always remember...

  • ...Reader tfast spotting us from the third deck as we walked through the gates, then later showing us all 23 photos that she took of us with her long range zoom. Love the tfast, but it was a little stalkerazzi to be sure.

  • ...Troy Johnson (of the Padres pre-pre-game show) remembering us from last year's Bochy for Mayor Rally and then trying to poke my eyes out to exact his revenge.

  • Update [2006-2-13 16:30:19 by jbox]: The first picture is from the summer when Dex poked Troy. The second picture is from this weekend when Troy poked Dex.
  • ...Pad Squad Catherine not having any idea of who we were.

  • ...Jbox spotting Argy of Channel 4 and desperately resisting the urge to go ask her about the interview questions that she never returned to us. A good half a dozen times she's promised jbox those interview questions and a good half a dozen times jbox has been suckered into believing her.

    Me: "Indiana... Indiana... Let it go, boy."

    Jbox: "But I can almost reach it, dad. I can almost..."

  • ...Trevor Hoffman's jock.

  • ...The San Diego Padres hair product counter.
I'm sure there was more that I'm forgetting. Who all went again? Did I forget anything really good?