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FriarFest: Padres Locker Room Tour

I'll just wet your appetite with a couple pictures from yesterday's FriarFest 2006. It was an insanely good time. Tomorrow I'll get the rest of the pics off my camera and I'm sure we will all share some stories.

We got a tour of the locker room and Kev calls me over. Almost every locker is empty and there are only 3 lockers that have names on them. Kev says "Dude, we gotta get a picture of this". I rush over to Trevor Hoffman's locker. Hanging from a peg is Hoff's Jock Strap. Great find Kev!

Soon after Dex calls me over to check out the bathroom. He asks "Have you ever seen so much hair product in all your life? These Padres are like a bunch of women!" The picture is a little blurry, but on the far right you can see the blow dryer and stacked up on the top by the mirror are tons of gels, hair dye, hair grease and shaving instruments. The Padres are so vain! You dudes are wearing ball caps the entire game! Why you spending so much time working on your big league hair? Not that it doesn't look good, because it totally does.