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GaslampBall Mailbag

QUESTION 1: Hey I noticed that you haven't mentioned anything on Mighty 1090, now XX Sports Radio? Do you not find that interesting?? I think your readers will be excited that now they can listen to their favorite sports talk on FM on 105.7 FM which has the strongest signal allowed by the FCC or something like that. -- P.S.S.
I heard Ted Leitner talking about that a little bit on his program this week. He never got around to saying what the FM station was, so I'm glad you got us tuned it. It'll be nice to hear Jerry and Ted in stereo on FM 105.7. For those of you who hate Teddy maybe you can just unplug one speaker and not hear him at all.

The only thing I don't really like is the new name: 1090 XX. One of the callers was calling the station "Dos Equis". I like the Mighty 1090 or Mighty 690 ( apparently 690 is all Spanish news now). It brings me back to my youth hearing that voice saying the station name in Spanish "... Baha Caleefornia, Meheeco!"

QUESTION 2: I heard a rumor that the Pad Squad stuffs their uni's with those foam give-away baseballs. The girls up top and the guys down below.

Yeah that's true.