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"The Ray Team": The Devil Rays version of the Pad Squad

Rays solicit performers for `The Ray Team'

The Rays have created a new entertainment initiative called The Ray Team, with a goal of enhancing fan experience and creating excitement at Tropicana Field this season...

This co-ed group will act as roving good-will cheerleaders and will interact with fans during games handing out face tattoos, stickers, and other gifts to fans. During the game, The Ray Team will throw free t-shirts and other gifts into the crowd and have an in-game presence during contests and pre-game presentations.

This is my favorite part, the skills they need:

Talents and past performance history can include, but are not limited to: dancing, singing, cheerleading, comedy, tumbling, juggling, stilt-walking, etc. An outgoing personality is a MUST! If selected as a finalist, candidates will be contacted with an audition date.

It looks like they need circus clowns.  Comedy?  Juggling?  F'n stilt walking????!

I guess they couldn't very well compete with the Marlin Mermaids 2006 team photo.

(photo by Florida Marlins, Robert Vigon)

I don't think that girl on the bottom left is even wearing pants! Also check out the Marlin Mermaids Teaser commercial or don't it's not that great.  Apparently the #26 reason to catch a Marlins game is the Marlin Mermaids. Nobody is gonna ask them to juggle or walk on stilts that's for sure!