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You see what happens when you offer old ballplayers lots of money?

Guys like Jim "King" Leyritz want in on it.

Leyritz insists his body is better than ever thanks to shoulder surgery.

"They asked me and I am going to start working out,'' said Leyritz, who predicted he could help a team as a back-up catcher and first baseman.
What I want to know is who's asking Jim Leyritz, 42, for anything these days? At that age, I figure he's probably pretty good behind the grill. Maybe he can shoot a mean game of pool. I'm sure he's awesome to drink with during football games.

Any time you put rock music and lots of money together, you start attracting the sorts of guys that you don't want hanging around your teenage daughters. Guys like Jim Leyritz.

If this isn't a warning to all these free spending teams that we need to stop this madness, then I don't know what is.