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Open Thread: Chris Young

Let's pretend for a moment that you're a major league pitcher who can f_ckin' rake. Your stuff is so wicked, you're hanging out with flying monkeys. There's talk of you bringing the first no-hitter to the history of the franchise and sure enough, you're sick with no-no stuff late into game after game.

How is it possible that you're only the third sexiest pitcher in your rotation?

Maybe it's just my own perception, but I'm thinking people are sticking Chris Young behind Jake and Maddux. And there's a segment of the fans (13-14 year old girls) who even put him behind Clay Hensley (in terms of bringing the sexy). God forbid if David Wells comes back.

What do we think about that? Maybe we should be showing this guy a little more love? More cowbell. Bringin' sexy back.