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One more working relationship the Padres and Mariners shouldn't have

As osbug points out, Burroughs signed with the Mariners, which gives us another link to our friends in the north.

Jeff at Lookout Landing has a nice little summary of what we've given the Mariners and what they've given us. We have a really weird relationship with the Mariners, right? We're supposed to be interleague rivals. They're about as Pacific Northwest as you can get. We're as Pacific Southwest as you can get. We share a spring training facility. Nobody's really sure what our mascots are doing. They have some weird moose. We have a Franciscan monk.

And as if all of that wasn't weird enough, it's not like anything productive happens when we transfer players from one team to the other.

It all leads me to wonder why we even try... Or really, why the Padres should consider acquiring any former or current Mariner and why the Mariners should ever consider any former or current Padre. For all intents and purposes, the Padres and the Mariners should have nothing to do with one another, yet we're inexplicably linked. The baseball gods have something in mind for our two franchises and by gum, we're going to keep trading crappy catchers, utility infielders and gimpy middle relievers until we can figure out what our two teams are really supposed to be accomplishing.

And when we figure it out... It'll be awesomeness.