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Uncle Barry (Zito) is a Giant

Well, there goes Uncle Barry. You know, Barry's not that common of a name and now the Giants have two of them. I wonder what the head of marketing is thinking. He or she must be salivating.

What does this mean for us? It means that I guess the Giants want to try to win games. It also means that the chances of Randy Johnson coming here have officially dropped almost completely off of the table. It also also also means that David Wells is suddenly looking really good to shore up that rotation of ours.

It's not that I'm really scared of Barry Zito being in the same division. It's just that I actually am really scared of Barry Zito being in the same division.

*le groan*

Other links for you to peruse...

  • Nice article on Tony the Gwynn. My favorite quote:
    Gwynn struck out only 434 times in 20 years; Cincinnati's Adam Dunn struck out 434 times in 2½ seasons.
    Haha, Adam Dunn. You suck.

  • Adam J. Morris, who does not suck and in fact runs the SBNation Texas Rangers blog has some musings on Chris Young. Interesting reading.

  • And a touching article on Gwynn and his late father. Apparently, the elder Gwynn wasn't as keen on San Diego as Tony The. During the fire sale:
    "'You've got to go,'" said Gwynn, quoting his father in a 1999 article printed in the San Diego Union-Tribune. "'They're not trying to win down there. You deserve to win.' I said, 'But Dad, I'm happy here. This is where I was meant to be. San Diego and me, we're a perfect fit.'"

    Shortly thereafter, his father died of a massive heart attack.
    So the Werner Fire Sale basically killed Tony Gwynn's dad. Just one more reason to hate that particular ownership.