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Rumor Mill: Let's make a deal

The Padres are all over the Rumor Mill today with talk of the Big Unit's potentially coming over. Gather it up! The Rumor Mill's a churnin'!

Ken Davidoff thinks the Yankees would be making a mistake by moving Johnson. What, he's got years left? He's got something in the basement? How is it a mistake to move the guy for something that will help you more now and in the future? I mean, the guy's 43. Not to say that the Padres need more guys in their forty-somethings, but it's not like we're counting on him to win a ton of games for us. And also, I never understand why some baseball people don't realize that having players happy is better for the team. There's a distinct group who must truly believe that these aren't actually people who play baseball, but some other form of intelligent life. Dolphins with thumbs or something.

It's one thing to improve team morale. It's another to decrease your chances of winning it all, and that's what a trade of Johnson would accomplish.
Keep in mind, Davidoff has absolutely no idea what Johnson would be traded for. Arizona has a ton of young talent. The Padres are potentially moving Linebrink. These aren't exactly nobodies. Methinks a certain columnist has a bit of a crush on the Big Unit. Besides, as we know, a certain Uncle Barry seems to favor New York.

While the the Ducksnorters debate the merits of our mustachioed hero, personally, I like the idea of Johnson coming to San Diego. No offense to Linebrink, but we did kinda find him wandering the woods before he became a star. And now that his star has started to cool, it might not be such a bad idea to mosey him along. It's not like we're talking about giving up some of our young talent like Barfield or Kottaras or... Oh wait... Scratch that thought.