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Randy Johnson to the Padres?

Apparently, we've made the best pitch yet. That would be some kind of rotation. In the future, historians will look back and say, "Did you know that Jake Peavy, Randy Johnson, Chris Young, David Wells and Greg Maddux pitched in the same rotation once upon a time?" Or maybe, "That 2007 Padres rotation sure was somethin'. No wonder that 2007 Padres team won the World Series."

You know what our ace in the hole is? It's right here (emphasis mine):

Johnson might be ready to waive it for his personal reasons as well as fatigue from his travails in New York. The future Hall of Famer has never seemed comfortable with the expectations and scrutiny here. From his first day, when he had a confrontation with a television cameraman, to his most recent, when he again disappointed on the postseason stage, his every move has been water-cooler fodder.
You know what the perfect remedy is for that kind of thing? San Diego. Warm weather. Low expectations. Forgiving fans. Sounds like a delightful match made under the Christmas tree!